Malaysian Executive Sous Chef Peter Lim has meticulously crafted a brand new Afternoon Tea that combines his creative flair with the treasured recipes of his mother and grandmother.

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now to 13 March 2024

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Get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other with our brand new Nyonya-style Afternoon Tea designed by our Malaysian Executive Sous Chef Peter Lim. With a passion for preserving his cultural heritage, Chef Peter has taken the beloved recipes of his mother and grandmother, and added his own inventive signature, to create a tantalising array of Nyonya sweet and savoury delights.

Each element of the tea set thoughtfully showcases the richness and diversity of Nyonya cuisine, ensuring an unforgettable teatime experience. Unmissable flavours include exquisitely prepared Golden Pai Tee (sautéed shrimps and vegetables in a crispy cup), Langoustine Popiah (pancake roll), traditional Ang Ku Kueh (steamed mung bean cake), floral-shaped Kuih Rose (rosette cookie) and more.

Available daily from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m., the afternoon tea set comes with five savouries, five desserts and one scone per person, with an extra three savouries on weekends and public holidays, served alongside your choice of tea or coffee. Book your table now and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Nyonya flavours at The Lounge.


Highlights of the menu:

Golden Pai Tee
Sautéed shrimps and mixed vegetables in crispy cup
One of the most popular Peranakan appetisers, this appealing thin pastry cup is filled with sautéed shrimp, jicama and vegetables.

Pulut Tekan
Steamed sticky rice cake with butterfly pea, kaya and pandan tuile
Butterfly pea lends beautiful natural colouring to the glutinous rice, which is topped with a dash of kaya paste to add a touch of sweetness and coconut flavour.

Otak-Otak (weekend only)
Mini charcoal-grilled sole burger
Bringing one of the most difficult Otak-Otak recipes to life takes two days of preparation. The authentic homemade paste containing more than 20 herbs and spices marinates the fillet to impart maximum flavour, before the fish is lovingly wrapped in banana leaves for grilling.

Kuih Rose
Deep-fried rosette cookie
Time-consuming to prepare – but worth it! – this pastry is made from a coconut milk and glutinous rice batter that is deep-fried to perfection in a flower iron mold.

Ang Ku Kueh
Steamed red tortoise cake with mung bean filling
Filled with sweetened mung bean paste, this tortoise-shaped steamed glutinous rice and sweet potato cake, usually consumed during times of celebration, symbolises longevity and good fortune.


*Please book the afternoon tea experience at least one day in advance
*For reservation, please call +852 2313 4222
*Subject to 10% service charge
*The afternoon tea treats are served in a three-tier golden birdcage stand



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